If you have any questions regarding your booking, your flight, cancellation policy or any other topic, 98% of our clients find the answer on this page. 

1.How do I know that my booking was confirmed?

After you successfully complete the booking process and your payment is processed, an E-ticket from Travelcheck will be sent to the E-mail address that you have provided during the booking. The E-ticket is your booking confirmation.


2.What is the difference between a direct flight, a non-stop flight and a connection flight?

Nonstop flight are flights with no stops until you reach your destination. Direct flights may include a stop where you do not leave the air plain. A connection flight means that you will need to change airplanes on the way to your destination.

3.Can I travel from one destination and return from another destination?

Yes, our advanced search allows you to choose separate destinations for departure and arrival.
When searching for your flight simply select the "Multi city" icon from the drop down menu

4.What types of payment are accepted?

You can pay with a Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Diners Club).

5.Can I pay with different credit cards?

It is not possible to pay online with two credit cards. You may contact us to complete such a payment manually. You can make separate bookings and pay for each with a different credit card.

1.How do I receive my ticket?

Your E-ticket will be emailed to you from Travelcheck shortly after the booking is confirmed and we receive your payment.

2.Where can I find the reference number for check-in?

Your reference number can be found on the e-ticket that we E-mail you after booking is successful.

3.Do all airlines send E-ticket?

Some low cost carriers do not send out tickets but instead they send a confirmation which is used to check-in.

4.What if I did not receive the E-ticket?

In case you did not receive your ticket please check your E-mail's trash and spam folders. If the ticket is not there, please contact us directly so we can verify your E-mail address and resend you your ticket.

1.Can I change the flight dates?

Rules regarding changes are different between airlines, airfare and booking class. You can contact us to receive full information regarding changing possibilities regarding your booking.

2.Can I correct the spelling of my name?

Most airlines allow to correct the passenger name at a fee when the spelling mistake is no more than 3 letters in the name.

3.Can I change passenger names?

Most airlines do not accept name changes after the ticket has been issued. Yet, most airlines allow to correct the passenger name at a fee when the spelling mistake is no more than 3 letters in the name. You can contact us for full information.

4.Can I find out the fee for changes to my booking?

Since rules for changes depend on airline and flight fare, please contact us directly to get full details regarding changes.

1.Do the Flights include luggage?

This depends on each airline and the specific airfare you have booked. When you search for your flights, you will notice

which airlines include luggage or not. Most airlines that do not include luggage, will allow the user to include luggage at an additional cost.

2.How do I book special luggage, like fishing equipment?

Any special requests that are not offered in the flight reservation process can be booked directly via our support. Please contact us for further information.

3.How do I make seat request?

For most airlines you can choose your seats at the reservation page. For airlines who do not offer this service please contact us directly.

4.How do I request a meal?

Meal requests can be done by contacting us directly.

1.When do I check in?

We recommend you arriving at the airport 3 hours prior to International flights and 90 minutes prior to your domestic flights.

2.How much luggage can I take with me?

The rules for this are according to selected airline and fare. You can find this information for your selected flights in the reservation process or at the booking confirmation.

3.What am I not allowed to bring on board?

No liquids over 100 ml (3.4 ounces) will be allowed in the cabin, this means that you will need to put these items in your checked-in luggage.

You will not be allowed to bring any sharp objects, cutting tools or any other object that can be used as a weapon, on the flight, at all.

4.Do I need to reconfirm my flights with the airline?

It is not necessary to reconfirm your flight. But you should check your flight schedule before departure to see that there were no changes to flight hours.